Theatre Lighting Design, Technical Direction and Consulting

Charles R. Kaiser
Aurora, Ontario CANADA

My Bar 1
My Home
A collection of various images from around my home.
See my home office, my dogs and my collection of cigars!
Aurora, Ontario - Canada

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My Bar Image 2 Humidor 1 Humidor 2 Humidor 3
My Office Wall My Office Desk The Wall O' Fame Pedro Cortez Godtar - Pedro
WC's Mayan Princess - Maya Pedro and Maya My ''Personal'' Louisville Slugger
Audio Effects Rack and Sound Console Soundcraft Series Two 40 Channel Sound Console Control Booth ''Don't Talk To Me Like I'm Stupid'' Wall Control Booth ''I Love Me'' Wall
Video Equipment and Patch Bay Audio Equipment and Patch Bay Newmarket Theatre Control Booth

Newmarket Theatre
Images of the Newmarket Theatre Control Booth.
My home away from home!
Newmarket, Ontario - Canada
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