Theatre Lighting Design, Technical Direction and Consulting

Charles R. Kaiser
Aurora, Ontario CANADA

There are many services available from Godtar. This page exisits to detail just a few of the many services offered. Godtar is an entity that exists primarily to serve Christian houses of worship and the not-for-profit, charitable and educational theatre communities.

With over 20 years in the theatre industry, we have the experience to assist with almost any project. Most services are offered on a "Pay What You Can*" basis. In many cases, free consulting services are available. Quick advice is always free. If you don't see the theatre or church related service that you require listed on this page, please contact us to find out if it is available.

Godtar is a design and consulting service. It is also a ministry. Godtar can be of service if you need help with any of the following:

Prayer and Christian Fellowship
Health and Safety Compliance
Fog and Air Quality Testing to ESTA Standards
Equipment Selection
Lighting Design
Sound Design
Website Design
Custom Computer Systems
If you have an entertainment related computer need, we can design and build a cost-effective custom computer solution to meet your requirements. Godtar is not a dealer for any of the above listed programs, however we can assist you in the selection and purchace of programs or hardware to meet your needs.
Building a Theatre or House of Worship
Finding a Venue for Your Show or Event
Labour and Contract Issues
Catering Your Event
Digital Photography
Chihuahua Information

To obtain the services of Godtar and Charles R. Kaiser please contact us with information about your project and requirements.

If you didn't find what you were looking for please contact us to find out if Godtar can help you.

* Please note that while certain of our services may be free there are some costs that have to be covered. Travel and lodging costs plus a small per diem will be billed to the client for any project that involves travel. Overnight lodging is appreciated for any project more than 150 kilometers from Aurora, Ontario and is required for a trip of more than 200 kilometers. Air travel costs are requested for any travel more than a 4 hour drive from Aurora, Ontario. Mileage will be billed at twenty five (25) cents per kilometer.

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